Polar Whale Safari from Tromso by boat

Duration: 06:00 (Approx.)

Come and experience the great creatures of the Sea. The coast of Tromsø in Northern Norway is the prime area for spotting whales.
Humpback whales and killer whales often come close to the boat to check what is happening as they are very curious. We often see other animals on the tour, such as sea eagles and all sorts of birds.

We get to see the Whales from November to January when they come up to Northern Norway to feed on herring. Remember to bring your camera, as there is a good chance that you will get to take fantastic photos!

We will pick you up in Tromsø center and take our boat MS Capella to Skjervøy where the adventure begins.

This is a fantastic trip if you like to explore the beautiful nature around Tromsø while taking great photos. You can enjoy the view from the saloon or the lounge.

The duration of the tour is 6 -7 hours, depending on sea conditions.

Welcome on board!

Important if you accommodation is in Kvaløya: please take extra time to get to our meeting location since there are traffic jams very often from Kvaløya to the main island as it is the main road and the time for locals to drive to work. It would take probably some extra time to find a parking place near our meeting point as well for the same reason.

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Polar Whale Safari from Tromso by boat