Long Reindeer Sledding, Reindeer Feeding and Sami Culture

Duration: 04:00 (Approx.)

Pickup in the city centre before you can enjoy a short, seaside drive (around 25 minutes from the city) to where the reindeer and sleds are waiting. Join Sami guides for an unforgettable experience of reindeer sledding (approx. 35 minutes) and Sami culture.

After the sledding you will visit their camp and have a chance to feed the herd of around 200 reindeer. Then you will gather inside the lavuu (Sami tent) for a hot traditional Sami meal and listen to stories about Sami culture around the campfire. The guide will also joik for the guests (traditional Sami song).

At the camp, you will also be able to participate in the daily feeding and tending of the animals. The herder and his family will tell you about their culture and history, and how their way of life fits in around the reindeer.

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Long Reindeer Sledding, Reindeer Feeding and Sami Culture